Game: Let positivity Rule The Day!

This is a game we can all play to help the community flourish:

Objective: To ensure that only positive threads are shown throughout the forum.

How to play : Whenever a thread with negative posts surfaces:

  1. Find 10 positive threads from the past to reply to(This keeps the best threads at the top of the category list)

  2. Create a fresh topic based on a positive subject

If everyone follows these rules, we are back in the green!


all i can say to this post is… i likey.


this is an awesome game!!


Yes! This is exactly what the community needs right now. :blush:


Aww @Mr.Sub, you’re so positive sir! Thanks for being one of the most influential people on here. Great idea!


@annam, thanks for the awesome compliment! People like you help the community thrive!!!

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yaHOOO!!! gouda thread!

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Continuing the discussion from Oevo on the forums:

I really want the positivity to come back to the Forums but is that your idea of spreading positivity? Calling people ‘affiliates for OEVO’ for simply defending it from people that were making awful remarks about the creators (they are people with feelings just like all of us and there is a line). I’m not criticizing you personally but I think some of your posts have been quite rude but I do agree with what your trying to promote on this particular thread.

Nvm I re-read the rules again :joy:

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Dont forget this rule :zipper_mouth_face:

Keep It Tidy
Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up. So:
Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.


For anyone who is interested in the discussion involving @LukeGonsalves, I’ve already apologized for that specific comment here: Oevo on the forums

As you notice by the time displayed on the comment, this was resolved two days ago(Well at least I thought). That’s all I have to say, back to positivity now :hugs:

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I don’t mean to bring back the argument but I just wanted to point out that the way some people on this forum talk about OEVO and the people on it is just wrong. (In my opinion) Positivity needs to come from both sides of the discussion. That was basically my point.

:wink: .

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