GAME: guess the reference

Type in a reference and see if somebody knows where it’s actually from (can choose either easy or tricky ones). Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new friend to discuss the show/content with?

I doubt I’ll find anyone who watches this show but: “Can somebody give me a fucking Xanax?!”

i would advise you to change your username.


Yes please change it, it may offend people it is/was a deragatory slang to hurt people

YES! who are you rooting for in the finale?

Biqtch Puddin. Wbu?

Since they’re pretty much statistically equal, I don’t mind if either James or Biqtch win (although a part of me wants James a bit more) but honestly Victoria has been robbed throughout the entire season so…

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much obliged, if you changed it willingly

the people person’s paper people

I certainly didnt, but oh well

:man_shrugging:t2: 8chars

“what are you afraid of, that i’m going to do something gay”

I have no idea what this is but I’m very curious

its from one of my favorite shows (theres a hint. its from a tv show)

Is it Orange is the New Black?

yeah (I’m literally watching it rn😂)

“we were on a break”

“But who is the dreamer?”