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Yo yo! Thanks for checking out the thread aha. So personally I’m an avid gamer. While I don’t have much time to do so anymore, I still enjoy playing and watching some good games. That being said, I thought it’d be cool for some of us to share our favortie games, top stats, funniest moments, and overall just gaming news.

So I’ll start us off a bit easy.

I play PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, I’m really big into COD WWII (on PS4), PUBG, DOOM, Assassins Creed, Far Cry (Primal and 4), and my personal favorite game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch.

Share your gaming related thoughts and posts with us here! Might as well grow a mighty nerd community while we are here, don’t ya think?


Awesome! I was thinking about making this exact thread but never got around to it.

When I find time to game, I like to play on PS4 and my PC. Some of the games I play are COD WWII, Fortnite ARK, RUST, H1, Rocket League, Arma 3

If you want to add me on Playstation feel free, M_DROID_335


I’m a big fan of the video games myself! I’m planning on making gamer-themed content on V2! But I really like playing fighting games, especially Super Smash Bros. and Rivals of Aether


I love the Cameron Dallas: It Started With A Lie dating sim

On pc i like the League of Legends and on Ps4 i like the Gta V,Fifa 18 or another shooting game

I have my laptop, 2DS, xbox one
I play Madden and NBA live on my xbox, I want FortNite

I Play in my PS4, in my Xbox and phone…

My favorite games are GTA, CoD, FIFA, NBA, Watch dogs, killzone and Halo (in Xbox of course) o wait I play Destiny A lot.

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I see you guys talking about fortnite, let me say it is an AMAZING game! I thoroughly enjoy it.

PUBG is still better FOR sure tho…

Yo, waddup? I’m an all over the place gamer, as I don’t have time (adult responsibilities).

I am all about mmos and rpgs and mmorpgs (lol). I love WoW and Guild Wars.

I have a gaming laptop, decent setup, and I have played a lot of pokemon in the past on ds and gameboy. I personally prefer PC over console (i’m too lazy to set up most days) so I usually wait for the PC release of a game, but I occasionally play Mario Cart, GTA, Skyrim, some Fifa, and the Batman games (i’m DC trash) on PS.

LoZ rocks, MM is my favourite game.

Psychological horror and survival games are my guilty pleasure.

I love GMOD and Yandere Simulator. Just open-world sandbox games are fun in general. I love all the mods and updates (i’ve been following Yan-Sim for years).

Sadly, I don’t have much time lately to play anything because of classes and work. It sucks.

I can’t remember my Steam user or the password to the email, so when I set up a new account I’ll post my new username.

That’s all. Sorry if it’s random.

(btw i have been waiting on allison road for years, bloody heck)


I used to play a lot of games (I was a minecraft 12 year old lol) and now I occasionally sit down and play things like Overwatch or the sims. Not exactly a pro gamer but it’s still fun :slight_smile:

PS4: CoD WWII & Brawlhalla

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Skyrim is an amazing game!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance just came out and I am very excited, downloading it now actually.

GTA V was pretty fun for a bit, but I got bored once I finished the story and my friends moved on to other games (like Horizon Zero Dawn or Fallout 4).

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I’m all down to play some COD WWII bro! PS4 is my thang

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an A1 game. If you guys haven’t gotten to play it, I highly recommend it! 8/10

Monster Hunter: World is a great game if you have the time to play it, but if you don’t have an hour or two I wouldn’t recommend it. 7/10

COD: WWII is another great game that’s really brought the COD franchise back up in the ranks as a killer FPS game (pun intended). Still some problems with multiplayer spawns and some guns being WAY OP but that’s how it is in most COD’s. 8/10

That’s just a few rankings on a few games I highly recommend everyone to try out! I have to promote COD just because it’s my pride and joy!:hugs: