[GAME] Can you guess correctly? (Interactive)

CHALLENGE 1: Can you guess which door the ball is hiding behind? :large_blue_circle:

Door 1 :door: Door 2 :door: Door 3 :door:

pick below - tap to view

Door 1 :door::imp: Door 2 :door::imp: Door 3 :door::large_blue_circle:

CHALLENGE 2: can you guess which act stole the show? Read the Meet The Acts to see how they preformed at the televised talent show and try to guess who the crowd voted for in the end!


Sherry Boom :older_woman:t3::Completed one headstand while holding 9 cats with her feet. :cat2::muscle:t2:

The Twin Tap :dancing_women:‍♀:Tap danced to Lou Bega’s mambo #5 :dancer::dancer:

**Kent (Garry) Bruce |||**:man_dancing:: Strong start, fell off back of stage. He got back up and the crowd cheered! He was able to finish the routine, but had to be carried off the stage. Doctors said they hope he gets better soon and there’s very little they can do because they are busy doing other stuff haha kidding… they fixed him up​:pray::man_scientist:t2::man_health_worker:t5:

ANSWER - tap to view

Winner!:older_woman:t3: Close 2nd:dancing_women:‍♀ broke leg:man_dancing:

CHALLENGE 3: Can you guess what Jim happen to have for lunch today?

-he’s a mechanic. probably a right brain type.
-everybody he runs with juggles on the side.
-he is known for his clown nose collection.

     Meal 1 🍕     Meal 2 🥪     Meal 3 🚗

ANSWER - tap to view

Nope 1 :pizza: Nope 2 :sandwich: Sure :ballot_box_with_check: :red_car:

What did JIM say after he got done eating his meal?
TAP TO FIND OUTIt was my only car. Next time I’ll just do pizza.

HOW DID YOU DO? Post your score below!


The first one was easy because I can see through the blur. But I got way lost after that.


Lel, i got the car one right! I guess I need to sharpen up my deductive reasoning…


Good to hear you got through them all. I reformatted it differently based off of your feedback. so hopefully it’s not as easy. I’m sure it still is. :man_mechanic:


Lmaooo for some strange reason i got everything right i was sure about 2


I got 1 of 3 correct. This one was tougher; very tricky. But still fun to play. :slight_smile:


I got 0/3 correct, lol! I also chose the correct answer last each time. Today is not my day. :joy:


got all three. the ball was visible unintentionally and i couldn’t just play dumb lol.
and the other two, i just love obscure answers and they ended up being right.


3/3, as soon as you said clown i knew it was a car. lets be real headstand with 9 cats its amazing, and blue ball was visible.

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