Game: Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup: a game based on taking the letters of the alphabet and applying a object/ short sentence to them, without reusing words and phrases.

For example;

A is for Alcohol
V is for Vine :wink:

Every poster will post the next letter sequentially in the alphabet.

I’ll go ahead and start:

A is for Audio


B is for bad bitch (u cant kill me)


C is for Clowns (cause they creepy as freak)


D is for Dogs

E is for envelope.

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F is for fantastic. The fantastic people I met on Vine and continue to know know


G is for Gains

H is for hot

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I is for Ice - Ice age bc i love that movie :heart_eyes:

J for Jumble once the forums are publicly released

K is for Keisha because shurley is f***ing gay

L is for laughing

M is for Month - bc i have a question wich mont is v2 dropping? :full_moon_with_face::joy::joy:

N is for not known

and look here

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O is for OK - ok i will, thanks for your help! :lollipop:haha

P is for Problem, which i don’t have

Q is for quack. (Also I’m kinda bitter I didn’t get to do M. - for mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell)


R is for Rewards when you sign up QuikSilver Rewards Card. What’s in your wallet?

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S is for snail

T is for Toast - toast with jam