[GAME] 2 Truths and a Lie

Today is National Honesty Day, so let’s play a game where you list three things about yourself; two of them are true and the other’s a lie. Then I will try to guess which fact is the lie. You guys can make guesses for other user’s facts as well.

Here, I’ll start:

  1. I’ve been in the hospital several times due to heart malfunctions.
  2. My favorite Animal Crossing villager is Marshal.
  3. I high-fived an original Wiggle once.

So now the next user will guess which of the above facts is false, and they will give their own facts. I will reply only with my guess for their facts, as I will probably wait for several people to guess before I give away my answer.

The users following will give their facts, and they can make a guess to my facts or to someone else’s facts as well.

The goal of this game is for everyone to learn new things about each other, which will hopefully help in growing this community.

Have fun! :blush:


Hmmm. Well I know nothing about animal crossing so I’m gonna say that one is false?

  1. I was born in America but moved to England when I was five
  2. I was almost born in a toilet
  3. I once saw Peter Dinklage crossing the road

I have a twin sister
We were born on different days
We both have colored eyes


im gonna say the lie is that you both have colored eyes

  1. I can speak 3 languages.
  2. I’m double jointed
  3. I’ve never been to Disneyland
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lie is 3?

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I’m gonna say #1 is false. Just doesn’t sound true to me. #2 is very convincing though.

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My guess is that fact #1 is false.

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  1. I’m bilingual
  2. I am certified in video production
  3. I have 4 siblings

I’m gonna guess that siblings is the lie!!

  1. I actually like doing laundry
  2. I play video games competitively
  3. I’ve never been to Japan

Ima say #1 is a lie


Yes you’re right. I think #1 is a lie… no one likes doing laundry lol


1.)I speek 4 languages
2.)Ppl call me the smartest dumbass they know
3.)I fist fought a crackhead


Is number 3 the lie?

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  1. I got on 9gags front page on Facebook once
  2. I speak 3 Languages
  3. I own a golden retriever

3 a lie?


Lol yeap number 3 was everyone knws u dont fight crackheads they dont feel shit they jus get stronger with every punch but i almost had to one time


Is number 3 a lie?

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  1. I was named after some chocolate.
  2. I was born in Chernobyl.
  3. I have a cat who has the same birthday as my mum.

Number 2 is a lie

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Kinda dark tho

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