Future Time limit? Poll

(Please vote before reading comments! The comments have spoilers on how some ppl voted)

A lot of the new people that have joined Byte recently are saying that they think 16 seconds is not enough time. I know that the Byte team is going to pick whatever time that they think is best, but I’m just curious to see what time do you guys think would be best for the Byte team to go up to?

I went by increments of 8 to stay with the 8 bit theme :blush:

  • 24 seconds
  • 32 seconds
  • 40 seconds
  • 48 seconds
  • 56 seconds
  • 64 seconds

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0.8 seconds


Lol!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m not going to vote. I only make one kind of content and I can do a lot of variety with under 10 second slots and under 16 skits. I know the elements id need to make longer skits WORTH the extra time are out there… but that’s not my focus.

If people want longer content, I’d love to see examples of the content they want to be longer. From using tiktok, I see a lot of people taking videos to 40-60 seconds and here’s my take.
99% of videos use that extra time to draw out their video and waste my life for a really shitty joke
1% of people make masterpieces

I honestly don’t think people asking for longer videos know what they are asking for


I would like 32 seconds so I could fit a full sonnet in a byte, but not longer.


What if there was no time limit so that people could make whatever length content is best for what they’re trying to do? :man_shrugging:t4:

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Only because of Mario c:

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I want a longer time limit so I have more time to talk about random shit


Thanks for the votes guys!!! Also, thanks for the feedback!!! I like hearing everyone’s point of view.

i picked the longest because nobody is making you use the whole time, a system where you select how long you want your byte to be

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I think 32 is enough


I would love to have an option to choose my own time limit. That would be pretty cool ! Some would like to stick with the og 7.5, and others could pick other time limits! All inclusive.

I would vote - but there’s not a “keep the time limit the same” button

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64 is the best imo bc most people won’t use that much time, but let’s say your video requires 35 seconds, you’d get frustrated when you’re used to having room for your content if you’re coming from TikTok.

Also 64 seconds is perfect for vlog/slice of life bytes that may be longer than 32 seconds.

one of these profiles is not like the others :eyes:


The poll needs a 16 sec option

Make it a minute, add a scrubber & allow pics/GIFs in comment section. This allows for more content, different niches and better engagement with the community. Just because there’s minute long videos, doesn’t mean you have to make yours a minute long. The scrubber will allow users to see how long a video is/skip ahead if they want to.



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I think we’re going full minute eventually anyway. No more baby steps. Just rip the band-aid off with 64!

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6.5* :eyes: hehe (sorry for being that person)

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