Furry team?

Should someone create a team based on the furry fandom? I believe that such an addition would make furries feel at home as a small community around people who aren’t much like them at all. c:


I know they exist on YouTube but it’s very unlikely to find one, so now that you created this thread let’s see if there are some of them here :grin:

Who is Furry?

Check this one, the title may look offensive against furries but it’s actually good.

Cute fellas like these are called furries c:

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Not a bad video, but it’s kinda full of cringe questions hehe

He’s like that, Shane is a mess.

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A loveable mess regardless :purple_heart:

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Thanks bro

Please no

Why not? c:

Please don’t google “Furry Tumblr”

All I saw were average furry drawings, what did you see? ._.

Furries oh God I mean sure?? Never really got them haha


Bad stuff,
Bad stuff.

That sucks… Suppose there’s a bad side to everything :confused:

not to be rude but i cant tell if this is a joke post or not but if it is not ok yeah go for it everyone needs to feel at home :smiley:

I don’t think that I can look at furries the same way anymore.

Regardless, after your three posts on the thread, I don’t think you’ve said anything relevant to the topic in question…suppose that I didn’t exactly help in that, but whatever, that’s the past :slightly_frowning_face: Any comments on the idea of a furry-related team on v2?

I am sure that some people would love to see Furry related “V2 Teams”. I am not a big fan or follower of the Furries, but it would hurt to have a team / teams related with it.

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