Funny Skit/Parody YouTube Channel Recommendation

So I just stumbled across this small channel “Real Good Time” that these guys have and they post skit and parody vids that remind me of OG youtube and they’re pretty funny imo lol. Check them out:


You should check out this guy named ‘HotHashBrown’ on YouTube. I heard his videos are pretty funny too.

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Well this was a good watch :ok_hand:

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My reccs!

  • Britanick: They pretty much don’t post anymore, but every now and then we get blessed with an upload.
  • The community channel: This one is dead dead. And it isn’t quite skits… but she is hilarious, and I appreciate what we got even if I never see anything more from Nat
  • Tomska: Not everything he does is skits. But when he does them… they are amazing. Legit some of my favorites out there

Everyone sleeping on 4yallentertainment :eyes:


cool ill check those out!

I like the stop signs video better lol. But you should also check out Chi with a C :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Aunty Donna on YouTube

Second community channel, she’s one of my favourite OG YT’ers, also Aussie!

Viva La Dirt League - New Zealander game focused skits, I love their “Epic NPC Man” series.

Gus Johnson and his brother Sven Johnson - Very good shit-posty skits.

ProZD and Lenarr - ex-viners who have kept going with their skits.