Fun/ Off-topic Discussion

first of its kind; the randomness seize the day of the “fun” section.

post random stuff here at your discretion, all are welcome. only thing i ask is that we follow the rules and regs, and don’t pick petty arguments/ be rude to one another


I spent three hours today watching vine compilations, mentally preparing myself for the six second stories that’ll be told


i used to watch them until i found them overran by the “created” vines that didn’t do the same thing the unique one take vines did

I’m happy to be here thanks y’all are the best goodnight :heart:


goodnight 12 char

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glad im not the only one… i forgot how funny alex ernest is


please tell me you watch davids vlogs now

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it would be a crime not too

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we’re friends now.

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first im going to need you to blindfold yourself and get in a bathtub

it’d be an honor

@jennifer is your “user” list still being updated or does it still say old stats

i think its being updated im not sure

whos #1 12 char

no idea mine isnt fully updated

Well I wish I could add friends here in the forum lol it doesnt need to be done I just feel like it may be easier to chat with anyone if that is ever added

check out my topic “Forum Details”

The User stats are totally f*cked rn. The “all time” stats are lower than the “today only” stats :thinking:

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yeah its out of wack

Well the only think I can think of is to be just patient and it will fix maybe?