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Apologies in advance if this has already been suggested, I couldn’t find anything similar.

It would be great if after beginning to scroll down your feed, the information on the screen would recede or fade out of view, which would help to elevate the content of the Byte. Perhaps the only information visible on top of the Byte was the caption, account picture/name, and the three action buttons. Maybe even those could disappear too and then create a way to bring them back with a tap or gesture. I think there are many different ways this could be implemented!


Not bad


I agree. If this were possible that would be cool. I would love for people to experience my stuff unimpeded. Maybe have it disappear after the first loop? But there may be a reason they haven’t done so.


That’s actually also a great idea. Either it fades away or recedes from view after the first loop or after 3 seconds or something. Then when you swipe to the next Byte, it all reappeared and then same thing.

And that’s true. There may be a reason why, or maybe they just haven’t thought of it or figured out how to implement it yet.


I totally agree it would help the experience. I guess it would cut down on screen recording to have it visible. Maybe if there was an “auto-hide ui” in the settings or something?


They’re considering having a toggle for this behaviour and allowing the hiding of OS elements also.


Oh please please make this a toggle. I’ve got apps where it shows the time etc. at the top.
And then has it shown in app too. Drives me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For iPhone iOS users, it’s accounts for 20px height which is max 4% on the smallest screen height size, and if u have the iPhone X, there’s the notch on top which those elements are to left and right of that notch therefore hideing the screen by the physical bounds.

I’m not sure how it is for Android, but I kinda like to know what time it is and battery life while I’m watching Byte at night :blush: Henry

It isn’t bad i think

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