Frustration, conversation and advice

I have been trying to post something new everyday since I started Byte, I saw it as fun and a way to get the creative juices following. I surely do not believe everything I post is gold. However I saw a post that frustrated me and is making me rethink this whole form of expression.
Someone posted a Byte where they just said “Hi” and that they didn’t know what to post and the individual had over 125 likes and 30 comments.
Myself I get ecstatic when one of my posts gets around 20 likes and I feel giddy when someone comments but in comparison this is infuriating. Almost all my posts take some form of time: from editing, sound, etc. nothing is straight capture to post. Am I doing something wrong, my ideas or sense of humor not interesting? Just wanted to share my frustration, any advice would be greatly appreciated


I actually know the exact post your talking about.
That user has a lot of followers which means that generally more people will see it vs smaller creators like myself.


My advice would be to stop comparing yourself to others. Maybe they just happened to post at the right time and got lucky or maybe they already had a steady following that will support them no matter what. It’s not healthy to compare, although it is of course hard to avoid doing at times.

Just keep focusing on YOU and your content. If it is truly good content, the market/audience will decide and you’ll get your boost eventually. If not, then at that point it could be that your content is not as good as you think it is. That’s a pill I’ve had to swallow plenty of times and continue to swallow to this day. I crack myself up, but I don’t always crack others up!


I’m glad there are people who understand this. When I say this, it sounds too mean.

Also, can you DM me the hi post? I wanna see


I also wanna see the hi post

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[quote=“RayRayLego, post:3, topic:51821”]
I crack myself up, but I don’t always crack others up!
[/quote] YES! This is so true for me as well. :joy:
I say KEEP CREATING ! If being a part of Byte is bringing you some happiness, and is a creative outlet, don’t quit! Even when the “simple bytes” get all the attention KEEP CREATING because eventually hard work and consistency pays off far more than “likes”.


My guess is whoever that is has been on byte longer and has more history with their following and has more connections with them at this point. Maybe they have social media where they connect to people off of byte as well. And I’m guessing not all of this person’s bytes are so easy to make or seemingly simple. But also some people’s content takes less work than others behind the scenes. Like the stuff I make sometimes takes either 10 minutes or an hour if I edit it on my laptop, but I know other creators spend hours and have animations, etc. That doesn’t mean their content is automatically more valuable or better in every way because they spent more hours on it, though it is likely better video quality and produced. Maybe they are in a different genre as well which usually requires more work or they just like to make bytes that have a higher standard of video quality.

Basically, dont compare yourself to other people, especially people who make different content or have been on byte longer or have a much larger following atm. It’ll only upset you and give you negative feelings towards people who dont deserve it and that won’t help you make the best content you can make. Just focus on yourself and your own milestones and be happy for your own progress. Don’t stress too much :slight_smile:


Many of you are making comments I agree with and know already, just keep creating. I am having fun with making and posting. I gave in to my moment of frustration.
The individual who had the simple post I actually like their content.
Thank you for chatting it out with me.


I like the video and I think I know who you’re talking about :mad:

I should make a video saying “stonks” and want to see how many likes I’ll receive


I get having moments of frustration. I have them too, so no worries!


There have definitely been some videos that were hugely popular that just made me scratch my head.

Some of them are just weird enough to hit that :rofl: :heart: button.

Others are where the poster had made a ton of solid videos and this video is just an easy one.


Stop comparing is the best advice but honestly the bigger someone gets the bigger the fanbase they have to fall back on.

Its just part of smaller vs bigger creator.

I felt that way too seeing some people post terrible content but still get a decent amount of likes but then i began to realise i have a small fanbase to fall back on too. Granted not as many as 100 likes no matter what i upload but a few loyal ones UWU and thats pretty cool. Im sure you have a tiny fanbase too and you’re just not realizing it for now. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


If it’s the post I think it is, you have to come to terms with an unfortunate reality of the internet and society in general: Pretty priviledge. If it is who I think it is, I think they are actually a wonderful creator, with plenty of funny and interesting bytes. But also, really really pretty. And for a lot of people, seeing someone they like encourages them to reward them just for being. It’s how our society works


Hey guys please don’t name drop or point out specific videos on the forums it does nothing but leave a bad essence in the air… the reality is that the app is not large enough to correct itself yet. I don’t know if I’m right but currently I see that the app “likes” are more so being driven by your followers.

If you make great content before the app picks up you will be ahead of the game! We are content creators just have fun and stop worrying about the numbers… Don’t look at what is currently happening now look towards the future!

Be the best you can be and you will surely be rewarded but also be realistic with the content you’re making… is it truly deserving of a mass audience… and really ask yourself that…

You’ll have one shot when this app blows up to really run with it so GET YOUR SKILLS UP AND READY!!


King :crown:


I just found you and I’ll follow you! And yeah bro I feel you! When I started it was tough getting more than just a few likes here and there and my bytes would die immediately.

But I post consistently now and interact with the community as much as I possibly can! You could be posting amaaaaazing bytes but if I don’t see your name anywhere I just won’t know what you’ve been making. Byte is almost half making content and half marketing by community interaction!


Just for a reminder :upside_down_face:


Content creation is hard work especially when it comes to comparing yourself to others. I’ve been in the creative field for about 10 years and it’s always hard to see people like something that took nearly no effort over things that take a lot of effort.

My wife is an artist. She puts a ton of work into her illustrations that get only a few likes, but when she posts a photo of her face she can get 100 likes. It’s the nature of creative work, you never know what people are going to like and what they’re not going to like. It’s the sad reality and it’s hard not to compare. But ultimately you need to make sure you are fulfilling your creative void. If you are looking for only fame and fortune and not doing it for yourself you will burn out. Keep doing it to make you happy. The more you put yourself out there the more people will relate to your style and will migrate towards you.