From Nothing to Something

Thoughts on this video? Did it inspire you?

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isn’t this alexis ren’s ex? i read that he was abusive and stuff.

idk about simulation, but he seems like a pretentious assbutt.

especially the, “i want to be around people who’ve been through the cold sh*t,”.

rubs me the wrong way.

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Correct! He is her ex and I’ve read that as well

As for the quote “I want to be around people who’ve been through the cold shit and can still look at life and the world with an open warm mind”, I get that. It’s inspiring to talk to people who have been through horrible things yet have found happiness. To me, It’s kind of like watching those videos were people interview those who are homeless and find that they are so happy and positive despite their circumstances.

Gives you a wakeup call in everyday life you know?

I could see how he can come off as pretentious though lmao

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I see where you’re coming from as well. I suppose it is a wakeup call.
But I really do like inspirational talks from genuine people like her.
However I do understand your point. Have nice day :)) x