Friends list? (addition/alternative to Follow function)

I was thinking of an addition/alternative to the Follow function. Being able to support people but not have their uploads show up in your feed? An in-app Friends function maybe. Could get notified of their activity (such as likes/rebytes/uploads. WHAT COULD GO WRONG

These friends lists could also be public. People viewing your profile could see this list and check them out also, consider it an “associated acts”

This is also a way to better tailor the content in your feed. I mean it’s totally possible to like a person, wish them the best and want to support them but not actually ENJOY their content. Could just be a difference of taste.

Like that one friend who has been in a hardcore/punk band that you refuse to go see live


Do you mean kinda like Twitter where liked tweets from people you follow pop up on your feed occasionally? Or like an option to have that feature turned on or off? That’d be interesting. :thinking:


I see what you’re saying – wouldn’t this be called close friends features or something.


It would be even nicer if the name itself was customizable (and viewable by the public). This would keep functionality the same but people would utilize it differently. Examples include:

Creators To Check Out
Close Friends
No-Fly List
Suspects At Large


I would prefer the word “friend” NOT be used. I have a bias against that word given my 4995 “friends” on Facebook. The maximum allowed was 5,000 and it locked when you hit that limit so you had to “unfriend” people to add others. I think a list called “high honor” would be more fitting to have. Why? So you can have them there is a “high honor” and then give “higher honors” for different things that Byte as a company wants to have more of. So they go on the “highly honored” list and then you get to add even higher honors for other things that they do well.


Oh, I like it. Help my friends grow :pleading_face:


I have a similar issue where I love this creator’s content but hate their rebytes and it’s like, I like you…and want to reward you, I wanna see your awesome ideas. But you’re also making the platform with your RB’s here.


Like a follow but unsubscribe to their content - but u still can go to their profile to check it out - like how Facebook does it


I’ve actually been blocking people in an effort to customize my feed and also some of the categories, and I kinda feel bad about it. Most of them don’t deserve to be outright blocked :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus if they are blocked they can’t see my own stuff and that would be awkward if they ever tried to search me up, then they’ll speak up and say “hey u blocked me :frowning_face:” and it’ll be a whole THING

How about a MUTE option as well as block, so the only place you can see their content is from their page directly?


I like the idea of being notified of specific people I follow when they post. Because I follow a lot of people, but my favorites get lost in the mix a lot (a lot of my favorite people post maybe once a day or even less often) and I get paranoid that I’ve missed their bytes and I want to support them😭 Especially people who post less frequently and put a lot of time into their bytes I’d love to be able to make sure I see those and they deserve to have more people check those out too. Like the bell on YouTube pretty much.

Or having an option like Facebook has the “see less” option that’s like halfway between mute and 100% follow where I can not see every byte by certain people. Because I like certain people, but they post a lot and it can get annoying because it drowns out the other people i follow.

I think following with the option to mute posts is a lot better and easier technologically than two different following lists.

I was just thinking a few days ago how following is really mutual in byte (from what I’ve seen). If someone follows you, 9/10 they’re usually expecting a follow back and will unfollow if you dont. Itll be cool to have a follow and then maybe a close friend feed, I’m for all of these ideas

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This seems like a better approach, filtering followers/following vs separate follow lists.

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This feature! This would be great!

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