Friendly PSA on comments

Just a bit of a cautionary tale.

The girlfriend of Conrad Roy went to


for telling her boyfriend to kill himself, when he committed suicide.

This sets a legal precedent.

The Internet is forever.

If you make comments as “Just a Joke”

Remember all the celebrities, athletes, and normal people who have had their careers and lives ruined by cancel culture going back 5-10 years and digging up “just a joke” comments from social media.

Imagine if you blow up on social media, get endorsements, tv, music and movie roles, make millions of dollars and are Uber famous.

And then someone digs up your “funny” comments from when you were younger. Posts it and it ruins your life. You get sent to prison b/c of a meme.

If basic human kindness doesn’t matter?

If you can’t say anything nice, remember your words can be used to ruin your life.


I legitimately thought about this exact case two days ago and thought the exact same thing haha


I remember hearing about that story a few years ago, truly heartbreaking. I 100% agree with you too. If you aren’t going to comment something nice, then don’t comment at all.