Friendly Debate πŸ˜€

Is a hotdog technically a sandwich?

Does a straw have 1 holes or 2 holes?

Cake? Or pie?


yes, 1, cake


But the liquid goes in one hole of the straw and put the other one? So it’s 2 holes.

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but that one hole extends all the way up to the top of the straw with no breaks, after some high quality S U C C. 1 hole


Yes, 1 and pie

What Neefy said.

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I will fight anyone who says it’s 2 holes


Yes, one hole and cake! :cake:

Also i don’t think it is a sandwich. If we start calling a hotdog a sandwich, then we’re one step away from calling a burrito a sandwich. Nonsense.


It’s a sandwich. A burrito is a wrap and vice versa.

A straw has two holes, bruh. You take a bit of plastic and cut off one end, it’s got one hole. Cut off the other end and it has two.

PIE. Cake is fun but c’mon pie is an EVENT.

Also, cereal is a soup.

NO If you cut a straw in half THEN you have 2 holes. Not before. That’s like saying a donut has 2 holes. Nooooo

if you drill a hole from the North pole through to the South pole, you get one big Earth straw which is one hole :triumph: no matter how far apart the entrances/exits are


A wild and valid arguement: a straw technically has 0 holes. If it had a hole it would leak.


time to use this again

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let’s start byte beef about straw holes

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on the real tho I do see what you’re sayin… if straws have no holes, is it just a vacuum?? cos the science of straws and s u c c is to create a vacuum and have the liquid enter your face hole

I’d argue a hole can not be longer than it is wide

or as the entire object is wide

and there MUST be an opening in both ends. A pit is not a hole. A hole in the ground is a MYTH

oof oof my brain. so like I cut a circle in 1 piece of paper, that creates 1 viable hole yes? what’s an example of a hole being made but it isn’t really a hole?