Free Computer programs to edit and animate WORKING on windows 10?

For a long time Im looking for program to make an edit and other to animate pictures (like make somebody blinking or make their hair flying everywhere), but my lovely windows 10 doesn’t want for example make Hitfilm express work becouse it knows better what supposed to work than me.
I was trying to download adobe effects and premiere pro with crack, but it doesn’t work (V 12.0) and I started felling bad, so I’ve stopped searching.
I can’t really buy anything becouse for example 20$ in my country is like 70 and it’s a lot. It make even worse becouse it is only for a month so you can easy count how many it is for a year.
Also Im looking for an effects.
I know it looks like it’s to much for me becouse I literally wrote that Im starting editing, but I have a lot of ideas I want to accomplish and free time to start learning and I want them to be as good as it possible even if It’ll take a time.
Android apps is not welcome.
So in essence:
-effects (As many as it possible)
-Animation program (Make character moving)
-Free computer programs (I don’t want free trial)
-Must working for Windows 10 (It can be for another windows if there’s an option to make program read it as it’s in it and it works for example when I want to play old games I have to only change option in options to make them work properly (GTA SA, The Sims 2))
-Not everything I wrote there has to be in one program, there can be 2/3/more
-Not Android
It means a lot to me so thanks for willing to help :):slightly_smiling_face:
Also I know my english isn’t perfect but I hope You’ll get it.