Frames cut off from front of video uploaded from camera roll

Several frames were cut off and makes it so my audio loops just off of perfect. This might be a result of using an irregular frame rate (50fps)

I added a random video clip on to the front of the video and re-uploaded it as a work around and discovered another bug. The thumbnail is a frame from the random video clip, but that frame does not show up when the byte loops. The contrast in color is pretty strong so I’m pretty sure about this.

You can see the thumbnail here:

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I sent the byte as a link in iMessage and the preview video has both the extra frame at the beginning and extra frames that I cut out at the end.

Byte’s looping mechanic can be funny at times. It took me 2-3 hours last weekend to figure out how it works, but here’s how:
With a 60 FPS video, it’ll cut off six frames at the beginning and six frames at the end. Therefore, to get your video to loop perfectly, put 6 placeholder frames in the front and back.

I have not tested this with 30 FPS or 50 FPS, but I would assume that you would put 3 placeholder frames in front and back for 30 FPS videos and 5 frames in front and back for 50 FPS videos. Again, I haven’t tested it before.

What I would recommend is if you have a video editor that allows you to look at each individual frame of the video and a screen recording feature on your phone, then screen record the imported video in the app in the area where you add captions, music, etc. Then put the screen recording in your video editor and you should be able to tell how many frames you need to add or cut off to make the loop perfect. (Keep in mind that it’s best to add extra frames in front and back as it can be easier to figure out how many need to be removed than how many need to be added.)

I hope that helped, honestly it might take a bit of trial and error to get the perfect loop but once you get it, it feels so rewarding (at least to me it did). :grin:


One weird thing I have noticed is that byte will tend to cut anything with out any sort of sound.

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Wow thank you. That was a really in depth response. I think this kind of information should be made into public documentation on byte’s website.

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I definitely agree, especially since the looping feature is very synonymous with the platform.


the basic idea is that 50ms is shaved from beginning and end but we also crossfade the final 100ms post-trim


This guide is great, thank you. I still don’t understand why the thumbnail comes from a frame not included in the loop though. Again, making this public documentation on the website would be really helpful.