Frame by frame trimming

add two arrows at each end (idk im not a designer) during the trimming part of editing to be able to trim frame by frame for buttery smooth loops


I just use the color dissolve on premiere but I’ll try that :joy:

This would be so handy. I’ll literally re-edit and re-render a video if I think it’s one frame too long. Lol.


Please please please please

Oh the AMMOUNT off times the transition is 0.1 seconds off gets annoying sometimes :joy:

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PLEASE. when trying to get the perfect loop, it’s kind of hard when my fingers slip or are shaky.


I have developed single pixel accuracy of my thumb movements to achieve perfect loops.
They say the dragon warrior can live on a single drop of dew and the power of the universe.


Mastering the single pixel slider accuracy is such a hassle but worth it in the end :sob::weary:.

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