Fox Kids vs Jetix vs Disney XD #nostalgia

If you’re from the 90s or early 2000s, you’ll most likely remember watching Fox Kids & Jetix until the dark day came when Jetix switched to Disney XD and most kids got really upset because of it.

Were you upset after Jetix switched to Disney XD, what was your favorite TV show and what was your favorite channel and why? Imo ‘Yin Yang Yo’ was the shit! :joy:

  • Fox Kids
  • Jetix
  • Disney XD

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What I’m most upset about is (in the UK) the day before the Jetix changed to Disney XD, Naruto was still showing. Ever since the change happened, Naruto was never seen again :sob:

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That sucks!

Lol, I grew up watching Disney… so my answer will be bias asf :skull:

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Jetix had insanity going on, I will never forget.

Power Rangers, Yin Yang Yo!, Pucca, Sonic X, ATOM, Galactik Football, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Shuriken School, Magi Nation, Huntik, Dinosaur King… nothing but hits


Me and my brothers are asian and for some reason we loved that show Pucca, but Dinosaur king and power rangers were also up there

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I remember Pucca, a friend from my childhood was also in love with that show! :grin:

A new season of it is on Netflix. It’s pretty good

Toon Disney made my childhood :sob: I still miss it to this day

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I still have yet to meet anyone that watched a single episode of Shinzo on Jetix. It was a weird anime that only came on at like 3:00am. One day I’ll meet someone who knows how weird that show was.

Lol I was probably asleep

Everyone was. I feel like I was the only soul who knows of its existence. I still swear it’s some weird dream of mine, but i can find clips of it on youtube.

Maybe it was all your imagination. Go and make it a real show now

I looked up the theme song on youtube. Pretty much every comment is people just like me saying “Whoa I thought this was a weird fever dream.” Perhaps we all dreamed it into existence.