Found A Fake V2

I found this fake V2 on the play store did anyone else know about this?

I mean i tried it figured maybe i could get a jump ahead but the damn thing hardly even works well enough to be a copy there was no good way to find new people for starters but aside from that it made uplaoding the new videos pretty fuckin asinine

It was kinda ridiculous actually :unamused:
Idk tho i guess i just felt like sharing that heres a link if youre curious by the way


If I were u, I’d delete it and wait for the new one to come out. But its your choice

Oh trust me i did that ages ago the day i found it in fact

report it dude :slight_smile:

Ok now that i did not do but even if it is fake i dont want to ruin it for the people who are enjoying it besides one of the main reviews even says its confirmed to not be the real one so it should be fine

Omg i downloaded it today and i thought it was the real one because some people had like over 100k followers and hecca views and then i posted a video and it was doing good and i tried to post another one that was the best u could do i tried to post it and the app kept shutting down i tried to post again and it didn’t let me igz it only lets me post once was so upset​:face_with_head_bandage: but thank God it’s not the real one :slight_smile::blue_heart:

So mmaybof these fake apps are setup so terribly, and are SUPER slow and laggy

Right!? If you’re gonna try and fool people at least do it right

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