Forums getting toxic lately

I mean, a day after we interacted, you felt the need to come into another thread and bad mouth my character, so clearly there’s something unresolved here.

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No I was just wondering why you used a certain gender-specific term, but it’s already been explained! :raised_hands:

Why didn’t u just ask her urself then instead of coming onto a different thread and having to have someone else explain it to you


Because I wouldn’t want to upset someone who was supposedly already feeling disrespected by me.

you upset someone more by talking about what they said, behind their back, in a different public forum. just handle things one-on-one if you’re confused or feel like there’s miscommunication.


I think it’s more disrespectful that you went to someone else and honestly you didn’t even have to go and ask someone else you could have used you know the internet and found out for yourself


I think this topic has deviated from discussion of a thought to something else. requesting mods to close this thread.



Bloody hell…

I Like… REALLY want to say something as well… but THINGS happen and I can’t say them cuz I know what is about to happen :persevere:


How was this forum addressing toxicity and it ended up happening within it? I can’t- :skull:


I think it’s disrespectful to assume someone’s gender just to downgrade their opinion. And if she was feeling threatened by my opinion, I wouldn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable by continuing to “mansplain” myself. I did it out of respect.

Okay you’re right you shouldn’t assume someone’s gender that can come off disrespectful but you could have corrected her if she didn’t get your pronouns correct and then you could have I don’t know maybe messaged her privately

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I could’ve, you’re right. Although I generally try to stay out of conversations with people that do that. Like, it’s 2020 ya know.

A forum post discussing how things get toxic on the forums…gets toxic. M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t have written it better.

When it doubt, shut up. Just because you have a screen in front of you and you are physically detached from someone doesn’t give you some kind of magical barrier protecting you and keeping you from being held accountable. Grow up.

If you can’t find something constructive to add to the conversation, or if you’re going to reference a problem that you had with someone without going to them first about it, if you feel like you need to jump in on something just because it makes you mad? Read these next two words carefully.

Shut. Up.

Take a deep breath. Chill the lizard part of your brain out. Go for a walk or something.

I’m not telling everyone to just “play nice” and sing Kumbaya. That doesn’t get us anywhere. There is a way to disagree with something without being passive aggressive, abusive, or childish.

If you can’t filter what you say through any of that before you hit “reply?”

Shut up.


Yesss! :raised_hands::pray:

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Silence is more offensive than saying “I’m sorry, how can I make it better?”

Then, you actually take action and be better.

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Someone else please close this. Or at least help me.


Dissapointing that a thread simply asking people to be respectful had to be closed. The irony.