Forums getting toxic lately

Scrolling down some of these topics and it seems when we get into arguments about byte or features of the app most people can’t handle having a disagreement and debating about it normally. which is understandable but it seems like when one party says something the party with the majority of people instantly goes out there way to shut their reasoning down and that’s when it gets toxic. We chillin over here on byte :sunglasses:. If you feel like you can’t handle hearing someone else’s opinion or if it isn’t anything nice to say don’t say it . Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if they share it that’s on them .It’s okay to have disagreements but don’t get out of line with It . Cha feel ?


chile- lemme jus :heavy_minus_sign::lips::heavy_minus_sign:


Completely agree. No one should harass or attack someone simply because they disagree with them. If you can’t have a civil discussion, then you shouldn’t be talking on the forums or you should flag the other person if it warrants it. The forums are welcome for anybody to come and share their thoughts and ideas (obviously barring racist, sexist, homophobic, and other offensive thoughts/ideas).


I was told to explain my opinion, then told I was “mansplaining”!? WTF does that even mean lmao. If you can’t handle other peoples’ opinions- get off the forums.


Yeah… I can see that…


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This is what that means ^


I don’t like toxic attitudes, and I think such people should be held accountable

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I agree

I appreciate that. Crazy- people assuming genders just to use a trendy catch-phrase looking for clout :joy:

Haha!!! Someone marked this as the solution. Hahaha!!!


I mean it is a real issue sometimes. I’ve been mansplained to before. Though, obviously I wouldn’t consider every time a man explains something for it to be mansplaining, it is when it’s condescending or something they wouldnt explain to a man in the same way. If someone accuses you of mansplaining I’d just reflect on what you said/how you acted to see if you could have approached a situation differently, because even if you don’t feel you’ve been mansplaining, a woman accusing you of that feels like she’s being talked down to and that’s not ok and you shouldn’t want what you say to come off like that.


I treat people how I want to be treated- end of story. Man, woman, animal, etc doesn’t matter to me. I don’t know why someone would assume my gender just for a quick joke. I can see how mansplaining or whatever people want to call it is an issue. That’s not me. I voiced my opinion then when someone asked me to explain my opinion- I explained and was accused of “mansplaining”. That’s “ridiculous” to me.

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Assume your gender…? Are you not a man?

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Why should it matter if I’m man or something else? It’s going to change how someone talks to me? In that case, do what ya gotta do I guess :tipping_hand_man: I treat people as equals.

No… it wouldn’t change how someone talked to you. But as a woman it would give them a reason to wonder if there is any sexism or misogyny behind what you are saying and how you are saying it. Which is a fair thing for women to be cautious/suspicious of when they feel like they aren’t being respected.


Of course, I agree. My issue was there was no disrespect- just a blatant assumption leveraged for a “joke” based on gender. Which is kinda meh to me, especially in 2020. It’s just my opinion, but assumptions from toxic people often leads to unnecessary negativity. Which is probably one of the reasons why this thread is here.

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It means you condescendingly explained why your viewpoint was “superior” instead of providing the relevant information and “proof” you maintained you had to the majority of people not liking trending sounds.
I think that’s fairly easy to understand. I did explain this immediately when you asked.


I wasn’t joking at all. You refused to listen to me calmly expressing my view, told me I was factually inaccurate, and used your prior experience to try “prove” you knew more on a subject matter, and stated you had “proof” and got hostile and still have yet to provide the said proof.
Perhaps you might like to explain what you find toxic about me so that I can work on personal betterment?


You don’t need to explain yourself to me, I got it! :raised_hands: