Forums after the release of v2

I wonder how the forums will be after the v2 release… I’m probably gonna stick around just to report any bugs/glitches in the app (doubt there will be). Anyone else plan on staying on the forums?


I plan to still be on here, but not as much. I’m probably gonna use it to suggest some more things that V2 should add.


If they keep the forum then ill probably stay

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Probably what a lot of people will do, there’s gonna be tons of room for improvement when the app comes out

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I hope the forums will still be available because it’s a great place to communicate with other v2ers

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I think an important part of v2 is the community, which is what these forums are all about so I’m sure they will still be put to good use

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@matty Ya for sureee i guess then the v2 app will only listen to expert like you guys

Me too (8 char)

Sure, why not?

I plan on staying on here. I would love to just read everything and post stuff… it would be cool to continue promoting other people and yourself

I’ll most likely stay depending on how the activity is on it. Other than that I’ll be reporting bugs, etc.

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