Forum recognition

Nice to see the forums getting the recognition it deserves in this article. Nice of them to include us.

These forums are so cool guys. Like I feel like I have a little friend group on here. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for making this place the place that it is today. Yeah V2 got postponed which is a major bummer, but it’s so cool to have all of you around still. 7 months ago I never would have guessed I’d be a part of something like this. There’s not a time where I haven’t enjoyed being on the forums. I think I’m rambling right now so I’m gonna stop. Thanks for making this place awesome.


Thank You for help making it awesome :kissing_heart:


this is so cute :slight_smile:


We love you and this place equally the same… thanks for being so kind.


I’ve been a lurking lately, not much to talk about. But I love seeing this article and it is so sweet for them to recognize us. I definitely don’t deserve it! :joy:


Just remember to search first, as @Parkachu already made a topic about this article. It’s a cool write-up though.


I’ll be reading that when I can, thank you!

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Yes ! I was looking for this article

That crab guy in the comments wants some

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Thanks for being here man :smiley:

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