Forgive me. A message to all

I really don’t know why there are people in the byte forums who have a bad perception of me.
I would like to express my emotions, as I had feel before that some users just don’t like me, because some opinions I had made before.

Sometimes I don’t feel welcome in this community. And I had felt bad emotionally when there are people who have responded to me in a bad way or made fun of what I said.
I accept that sometimes I get angry and I also had responded in a bad way and I accept that those where bad decisions that I did on the past.

I just want to tell everyone to forgive me from my bad decisions and accept my opinions without making fun of them or just be more generous to other people’s opinions as mines.

I understand that there are people who will not understand what one feel when this kind of things happpen. And for me it is difficult to write this because I know that I will see people who will laugh at what I said or simply respond in a bad way.

I just want to be more welcome and I hope that some of you will understand me.

And sorry for this, I just wanted to get this out of me.

This year I want to be more positive and I would even be interested in making friends in this space. :grinning:
Have a great day and I hope that everyone is going to have an amazing 2021.


I don’t dislike you Diego. I know you care very much about byte.

I do know that whenever any kind of opinion or discussion comes up on the forums, we will probably have very different opinions on the way we think it should be handled.

But just because we dont see eye to eye doesnt mean I dont see that you care.


Tanks bro, now I like you and I will also tell you this in Spanish "ya me caíste de Huevos”. You have a great point, but it’s more about how I responded back then, I didn’t know how to respond to my reply’s so that’s why I’m asking for forgiveness. And thank you bro :call_me_hand:


Thank you for your maturity and for apologizing. It’s a very underrated piece of character, so I’m glad to see it in you. At your age too, it’s quite awesome to see. Some people never learn to own up to their mistakes, and so you taking the initiative to change from the good of your heart is all the more valuable. Your care for byte is evident, as previously said, and I personally appreciate that a lot. there’s always time for a second chance!


Thanks bro, appreciate you :facepunch::sunglasses:.

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