For your consideration

I really like this idea showing off “new” creators and all but recently every time I’ve gotten it it’s a bigger creator (or even the same creator each time) . I feel like this should show off smaller creators because we have a lot of talented creators on this platform! Or at least another random pop up of one that shows “new creators “ with great content ! Just my thought what do you guys think? #bytefam


I agree. Good idea.


That’s kinda what spotlight does

But for your consideration has been the same 3 people for my on my timeline and they are all bigger creators I thought it was supposed to showcase a lot more people ? Just my take tho


Agreed Austin! Idk if there is some sort of glitch with the for your consideration tab, but I keep getting recommended the same people for hours on end even though ive already considered them lol it used to show way more of a variety but now it’s just some people who are on the popular page so ill see them regardless lol


Same man! I thought this Forsure should be brought to attention because I’ve been getting the same people and I’d love for them to spice it up! Because I’ve considered them aswell lol

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For your Consideration used to be the most recent post in the global feed, and I’ve noticed it became something that you’ve observed.

FYC, imo, does not help with discovery as much as it used to, since I’m seeing peeps rebyte new things all the time.


Yea for your consideration is based on what the app thinks you may like, but spotlight gives attention to ppl big small new and old lol


Agreed it’s more to show off “bigger creators” I really wish it would show some new stuff to spice the timeline up !

The rebytes do help

For your consideration seems kinda broken to me. I REALLY hope theres some changes planned for for your consideration with the algorithm update. Cause so far ive seen only huge creators, and they pop up over and over again.


:pray: thank you!! I really hope they take this into “consideration “ ( sorry had to pun lol) but seriously hope they do because a lot of really good creators that are smaller that I think are hilarious should get that exposure!

Well understandable but they do show me like the same 3 people why not “shake it up” and show me some new people


I feel that bro

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