For community building, I think an interesting feature would be categories with arbitrary, non-distinct names (this sounds boring, but I'll explain inside)

So, I was looking at the main categories, and I think those are great.

I think an interesting feature that can go below those categories is 4-6 categories that have names that aren’t really self-descriptive.

Like, for example, you have categories that are just colors.

You could submit to comedy/travel/dance as you can now.
You could submit to red/blue/green/purple, for example.

Because the names are just random, the community would assign their own value and their own personalities to those categories. Instead of being told what their value is.

It’ll give us a lot of ownership the personality of what gets put out there. Furries could decide that they want to take ownership of “red,” for example. Or you could have a “dance party” in blue.

I also think it would also create a fun sense of rivalry between the different categories. Naturally, humans are really group-oriented, so we would kinda pick the side we want to and be competitive towards the other colors.

Where I’m coming from with this is that my day job is a tour guide, and I use a rubber chicken as a guide flag. When I do teen tours and show kids around the city, I like to give kids the opportunity to name the chicken. That way they feel like they have “ownership” and control of the tour. When you get to name something or define for yourself something, it makes you feel powerful, and it gets your imagination stirring.


What I genuinely appreciate is that you put (this sounds boring, but I’ll explain inside) it made it seem like we happen to run into one another and got to talking :joy: