For All Upcoming Content Creators

Your limitation—it’s only your imagination. There’s a world of chances and a world of opportunities and ideas, success doesn’t just find you. … And sometimes later becomes never, the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. DREAM big, BIGGER.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today, TODAY is the day, today is tomorrow and it could also be next week but never let it be the past. It’s all to you to think and plan in advance, be productive, be persistent and be YOURSELF.

Ok, let’s cheese it down.

Today we want to give some tips and also advise our Future Artists with some iTips we ourselves have hand-picked for you.

For Content:

  • Be Current: Be up-to-date and very knowledgeable about all facets of your industry, not just what’s immediately relevant to you.
  • Stay current : Ongoing education is important, and that means not only do you have to create content, you also have to read others’ content. The best content creators are curious and look for subjects their audience might care about.
  • Understand your audience: “Put yourself in his shoes” is an understatement, really; you need to eat, sleep and breathe as your best prospects would, understanding their motivations, reporting relationships, education, social activities and much more if you’re going to address his needs with your content.
  • Improve your skills: If you’re not a professional copywriter, you have to do some work to get so close no one would know the difference.
    Give examples: You make things much more real and relatable when you give people examples of what you’re talking about.
    And there’s much more we decided to left out. A lesson a day, like one of out iTips said, keep learning and improving.

_Disclaimer: These tips were selected after researching online on the matter. _


Thank you so much for cheesing it down for us🙌


Here’s a tip. If you want to be taken seriously as a consulting firm (I think that’s what you do idk) don’t tell everyone that you just googled everything and pulled stuff off the internet.


We’re not a consulting firm, we’re not a company, we’re not a business. We’re just an account created to help smaller creators that are looking forward to establish themselves on the Byte App. We are different and want to be different in so many levels and one of them is transparency and so we are very glad for your expected point of view.
We want to be like how Dom wants to be with his App, whatever, let’s just work and have fun!


Sorry for the cheesy intro. We really are.:cheese:

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Can always count on iDiscover for the latest and greatest tips!

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Tis noice. Thanks guys!

Liked your post. It’s cool you’re trying to help other people.

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memes too. can’t forget that.

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I love cheese! As long as it’s not stinky.

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nice one idiscover… ;$

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Thanks for the advice :+1:t2:

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This is so important! Especially staying current by educating yourself and also understanding your audience. Some of the best v*nes resulted from a spoof of a trend, and if that person wasn’t watching they might not have had the idea. Some examples are “what are those,” “Lebron James spoofs,” “Charlie Charlie,” and the Katy Perry “They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine, even though you’re NOT fine…”

Some great videos have stemmed from these things and if creators were only consumed in their own ideas and not watching others, they might have missed out on some of these fun opportunities to create by bouncing off of other creators!

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Wait so you have nothing to gain from this? respect

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I hope to one day be discovered on social media… But for some reason I believe that to be next to impossible as the internet always favors US content creators…

What’s your opinion on that @iDiscover

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