Followup Beta Signup

While Y’all are here, you should join us on discord


iPhone 8 :clap::clap::clap:

Samsung S9 Edge I’m excited to see what will come of the app!
Thank you Dom

Samsung Galaxy s8 plus

Waited for this about a year finally! cant wait to share my day.

Iphone Xs max

iPhone 7 (iOS 12). Joined Vine late, but joined this forum early. Looking forward to your next masterpiece.

iPhone SE! (iOS 10) :slight_smile:

iPhone X.

iPhone 7 iOS 12

Google Pixel 2 - signed up to be part of the first wave of a new innovative community

OnePlus 6. Super excited!

iPhone 6s

iPhone X
I am a well known influencer on Instagram with a total following with over a million followers

iphone 8

I am super pumped about this!
Thank you @dom

iPhone 8 Plus, I’m really excited about this and I hope it works out great!

Wow! Excited to see everything moving along!

(Iphone 7)

Samsung Galaxy S7

Dom, thank you so much for making Vine and v2 (or whatever this will be called) happen! Vine was and is such a big part of my life, I will never forget the memories I made there and the experience. I loved being a funny editor on the platform and I hope to continue being one! As long as the community comes back together, it will feel just like the old times!:slight_smile:

  • ShonziTho💙

iphone x 64 gb

iPhone SE! I’m really excited for the beta and hopefully everything goes well!

I got an IPhone X running IOS 12.0.1

Can’t wait to see this!