Following Tab Blending With Your Mix?

I came on the forums expecting this topic to have already been made, so my apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I did search first but found nothing relevant).

My Following tab is mostly filled with videos from accounts I don’t follow. There’s no indication that they’re videos that were rebyted by people that I do follow, so I’m rather confused. Are they rebytes without a label or are they suggestions for videos I might like based on an algorithm?

Whichever one it is it’s making it rather hard to find videos from accounts I actually follow. Twelve of the first twenty videos in my Following tab are from accounts I don’t follow. Is there any way to change this?

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as far as I know, the following tab also shows videos from the channels you follow

Following doesn’t suggest posts but does incorporate rebytes, so it’s probably the bug you mentioned. Are you on iOS or Android? Do you have the new post style (icons on the right. similar to TikTok) or the old post style (icons on the bottom)?


If you run across this on your follow feed you can go into settings and enable zen mode and then you’ll be able to see that they’re just rebytes. (click the comment icon and all the info will appear)


Android beta, updated today (so tiktok style icons). @imrdavis is right, when I enable zen mode I can see that they’re rebytes via the comment button.