Following Lists

I didn’t see a topic on this (but I am high key blind so)

I thought it would be helpful if users were able to create lists from the accounts they follow? or group people they follow into different categories!

This would be super helpful, I think, to people who follow a lot of people. Users would able to group their following into lists like “friends”, “favorites”, “funny”, “musicians” and whatever they really feel!

This could also be helpful to popular users who would like to follow back their fans but are weary about cluttering up their feeds?

I don’t see this as a public grouping but these lists would only be visible to the user from the home feed

It would also be cool if one of these lists was automated and would show the user videos they haven’t yet viewed from their following lists! Overall, this could help engagement as it would help people view content they might have accidentally overlooked!



AWESOME idea @nogud!

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Thank you! :blush:

I would totally use this. Great idea!

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I like the idea but don’t see it being a necessity. But if it makes it into the app I would definitely use it.

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Haha, I would too! Thank you :grin:

Definitely not a necessity, but convenient :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could priority for each group be useful? It can work with this point. Videos will still be seen, but the list’s priority can still be given by the owner. Something like in the GUI you can move each group above, or below another group. You can even add a different color to each group title.

I had to ask.

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I think the grouping should be automatic, majority of people are lazy but I like this idea!

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Like Snapchat?

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Yes definitely! That would be super useful!

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Maybe the option for both? you can either manually create your lists? or V2 can by sitewide parameters?

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Uhm, ngl lmfao I don’t know how groups work on snapchat :joy: so I can’t really say!

But i would say it would be something like a drop down menu on top of your home feed from which you can click to view all videos from those you are following or view the different lists you’ve have in place!

On snapchat verified users are separated from regular users now, so it makes it easier for you to watch your friends videos.

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Maybe lists should not be created but like there are different selections of themes

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oh wow! I had no clue they did that! So yes it would be something like that!

Well the idea of this is to organize your own following list

Say you follow 100 people who post everyday, let’s say 50 of them post funny videos, 10 of them are your friends who just post random things, 15 are musicians, 5 are animators, and 20 just post memes.

You could then seperate those different groups into lists and view videos from each list whenever you choose! Say you just want to watch the musicians you follow, you would click on the “musicians” list or whatever you title it and could watch all of the videos from only those you follow

This is a good idea. I can see this working like Twitter lists, and then you can make your feed be one of these lists to see the posts of those you’ve put on the list.


Yes, Exactly! :smile: