Followers Should Be Called Something Else

I looked up this thought to make sure it hasn’t been talked about already. It has, but in early 2018 soooo…I found this…Mutual followers called friends

…where it was suggested that mutual friends be called “Mutuals.” That advice appears to have been used!

My suggestion is pretty much summed up by one of @takeshisaan’s comments that I found in one of the threads I looked up. He said the following: “I’d love it if they made it “friends” or “family/fam” cuz those seem to have a nicer and much more welcoming tone to it.”

The thought in my head before I had even read that was FAM or FRIENDS, so we appear to be on the same page. I’m just two years late to the book! I think with Byte being the community it is, and considering that one’s follower count and following count are not displayed…that FAM or FRIENDS makes great sense and is just another thing that separates Byte from other, more self absorbed social media apps.



I mean, I’m down…but you are all my friends no matter what the app calls you :pleading_face:


:+1: Truuuuuuutttttthhhhhhh. SAME HERE!!! Don’t make no difference for me. Just a small, nice touch IMO.




idk if it’s really right to say that just because you mutually follow each other, you’re friends. I like mutuals, it’s to the point


I like this idea, friends sound more personal than followers,


Mutuals is fine when two people follow each other. I’m saying where it says “followers.” And I get the point that just because someone follows you, doesn’t necessarily make them your friend, but in this community at this juncture in time…it kind of does mean that…at least from my experience.

I like that idea. Also hope they don’t ever make follower counts public. I dont see the point in ever having those public tbh.


100% AGREE!!! Honestly, I’m much more motivated when I cannot see the follower counts of others.

Also, this is likely just a me thing, but on all social media platforms (even the ones where I do not create on) I tend to follow people like crazy. So I wouldn’t want people to see my following count either because then they’ll say I’m chasing clout. I’m not! I think my engagement throughout the app proves that and I find a way to support others as much as I can.

My “Your Mix” may not be as optimal as one would prefer, but I’d rather support too many people and try to balance it all than support too little, reach some sort of cap/max, and then be selective as though I’m important enough to do so.


Oh my gosh wow that comment was from so long ago haha. That’s funny that we thought of the same word to replace “followers.” I just thought it would make Byte stand out a little if we called followers something else. However, it looks like the team chose to hide how many people follow you/you follow so I suppose we can call them whatever we want.

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I’d still absolutely say that someone following you does not make them a friend


Cool :rofl: :ok_hand:

I don’t think that’s a good idea. I get that it makes people more motivated to follow you, but I think we have to care more about the big picture things.

Nowadays social media has already closed the distance between creators and audience too much, to the point that it makes people (especially kids and teens who don’t know better) feel entitled to the creator. It’s become more common for fans to threaten self-harm if they don’t get noticed, or to get angry about a personal life decision of a creator, to demand more information than the creator wants to give willingly.

Followers are not friends. Feeding that one-directional feeling of friendship is good for following counts, but it’s not good for the kids and teens involved.


I mean the app is 17+…so there aren’t supposed to be teenagers across the board on the app and I think as a creator it’s obvious there is not. All I know is, I respond to my peeps on the app and say “thank you very much, my friend.” I’d much rather that than…”thank you very much, my follower.”

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Terms of the app require you to be 13

Again, following someone doesn’t make you their friend, and it’s not a good precedent to set. You can call your own followers whatever you want, have a super cool name for them or do whatever, but followers are what they are, which is followers

Friends are simply a different thing. It requires agreement from both users, and changing that just isn’t right


I think it’s sweet to call your followers “friends” and definitely helps form a closer bond with them. Though, I do understand what others are saying too. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to change the name of followers but calling your own followers friends is up to you. I can see it being a problem if a following count was really high and some people equate “friends” with deserving to know more about your personal life which could potentially be invasive. Right now it’s not a big deal though.


I think I would have to agree with @LittleDewDroplets

I think the community byte is now is amazing but I’m certain that eventually when there is more people we will start seeing a lot more people who try to buddy up a little too close for comfort. I’ve seen it happen already and recently too. I feel like that would make the byte app seem more inclusive. It’s seems like right now everyone who is creating is also a very active user and I totally see you guys as fam. But once this does grows bigger I would also worry about people feeling like they are entitled to me just because something says “Fam” on it :man_shrugging:t2:

But I call my closest peeps on byte my “Cult” so maybe we should have the option to change it from “Mutual” to “Cult elder” or something? :crazy_face::rofl:


i mean to make an account you have to be 13, hell im 13. you dont have to call them followers you can call them what ever you want.

I see what everyone is saying. Thank you all for your input. Imma call people my friends and fam with no worries about boundaries. My childhood friends and fam don’t give me those anyway :rofl:.

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I think a custom text would be awesome! You could edit it to say… followers, my squad, my army, my supporters, my fans… so many options but also it could easily be abused… hmmm