Followers and following

Regarding byte last update. With the followers and following features. Many people started complaing unfollows . With the new algorithm change log there is a good chance of ending this f4f trend. But i think it would be great. If followers list is completely disabled. So that people can see how many people following them. But not exactly who they are.


While this could fix SOME of it, people can still search names of people they know they follow and get mad.

I think it’s nice to have a list of all the people you are following, especially right now since the main page gets a big spammy and your follows get lost in there sometimes.

I personally think we just have to wait it out. There are mutual follows on twitter and Instagram. And eventually people just adapted to those systems, so I’d assume people will adapt to the byte mutuals and all the “why don’t they follow me backkk :triumph:” stuff will die out :))


Followers and following lists have always been a part of social media apps like this. I don’t think the problem is the existence of a list itself, it’s a problem of people being petty, which you can’t change. If someone wants to unfollow you, so be it, just like you may want to unfollow certain people as well. And if people want to take part in a follow for follow, that’s their prerogative. You don’t have to participate.