Follower only mode/comment report

So here’s an idea for the byte developers to think about, I know lots of people are tired of the negative comments and it’s obviously how tiktok worked so seems unlikely to go away. Can we have the option to turn on a follower only mode so a user couldn’t comment on a byte they stumble upon?

Also, it may be necessary to have an actual report comment button rather than just report user. Something that sends the actual comment to whoever deals with reports.



there is an option to hold down on comments and click Block or Report Author

I would hope that eventually a private profiles feature or options to control our own comments comes out, but the team probably has so much on their hands. i do think it’d really be helpful, especially now


follower-only is a great idea for those who want to keep their safe community free from the brutal tiktok crowd.


I’ve been using it but I think some of these comments should actually be sent off when reported. Perhaps it already happens? I imagine the main focus is to get the new users satisfied…

ah, i havent really used the report comment much so idk. also i think the team does still want to keep the app safe for the og user while still welcoming new people, which is really hard to do. i think giving it a few days might be best, but still would love to see this feature

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Well it’s the same wording as when reporting from a profile I believe so I assumed its the same report sent. We’ll see how it goes!

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