Follower Audits

Okay, just had this amazing idea. So amazing that I’m back on the forums after 2 months. Hi.

FOLLOWER AUDITS. Byte needs this. Badly. People like me with a few thousand followers, or bigger accounts with 10, 20, 30 thousand followers. These are all from Tiktok waves back in August, so we all pretty much get 50-150 likes per post. Let’s be real. 30,000 followers, 10 comments? Yea no.

The idea is if an account has been inactive for a period of time (4 months seems good to me) and has 0 posts, the account is deactivated. If that person logs on one day, it is reactivated. When deactivated, it unfollows all accounts and creators’ follower counts are adjusted accordingly.

I’ll be honest. I have no clue if this is possible in the Byte code, but Youtube does it every day so I’d assume so. It may seem discouraging at first because we’ll all lose followers, but it’s for the best and you know it.


I don’t think byte needs this because no one needs to care about who’s using and not using their accounts. We know how many of our followers are active, which is a very small percentage of them because byte is not good at keeping people using the app for any lengthy amount of time.

If you’re worried about your followers, stop that.

If you’re worried about other people flexing their followers… they are the ones flexing and you are aware of the activity issue with byte accounts. It’s just attention seeking so you can validate them if you want or ignore that behavior. It’s childish and most of the users on the app are kids, so it makes sense.

It is what it is. We know followers is not equal to ACTIVE followers and the likes and comments show that we all pretty much have the same activity on our accounts. We don’t need a new way to flex and say “hey look my followers are better than yours so who cares if you have more of them”.

Just let it be and have fun.


I want a byte feature that messages my inactive followers and asks them if they’re okay


I agree we need a system to deactivate users that don’t use Byte anymore. Not delete their accounts. But make them unfollow us for the time they aren’t using Byte. When they come back to Byte. The system could automatically make them follow us back as like before if that’s possible.

I understand when people say don’t worry about the followers just have fun making content. And I do genuinely have fun making Byte videos making others laugh. But that doesn’t mean I am gonna forget about my goal to grow on social media. I may never reach to the point where I wanna be with social media. But I am sure hell gonna try for it. I got my own personal reasons to get big on social media. So any thing that will help me reach my goal. Even a better system. I’m all for it.

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@SkaiXMask, you make a good point. Of course we should have fun on Byte, but let’s be real. Vine was a huge app. it produced huge huge celebrities. Shawn Mendes, Logan and Jake Paul. Would they be where they are without Vine? Hard to say.

Byte is a nice small place to have fun and make a few friends, but if we ever want it to become a lasting social media platform like Instagram or Vine and make new celebrities, we need ways to help creators grow because in the end, follower counts do matter.

If that’s not how Byte wants to go, that’s another thing. Fine, leave it as one big group chat where people can post funny vids. It’s a fork in the road.

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That was the thing that attracted me to this app. The creator of Vine was creating this app. I stayed loyal to Vine back in the day. And I’ll stay loyal to Byte (f*** TicTok). For a self funded app. It’s amazing what we have. But I do believe Dom does want this app to be the Vine 2. Creating new celebrities from Byte and for this app to be ahead of the game. So it may take time. But the ideal app for a creator to truly grow and expand their brand will happen on Byte. We just got to give it time.

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