Follow using the + on their pfp (notification idea)

I like the option to “Follow using the + on their pfp” and I noticed it removes the “+” after you’ve followed them.

Would it be too overkill to have a notification that says “you’ve followed [username]!” or something similar? The “+” icon does disappear after you successfully followed a creator, but after following someone using it I felt like I needed a bit more confirmation.


yeah maybe some kinda feedback animation like a tick before it disappears


I get you. Maybe just make it outline the picture in green after make it sparkle like when you click on the like :heart: button or something.

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I keep accidentally clicking the + button, ooo :flushed:

Is there a way for me to get that update? I haven’t gotten it on TestFlight or anything


you can try, and update again with the link from the Testflight beta link for the iOS version of byte topic. it might update to the current version for you.