Follow, Refollow Suggestion

Lots of us have probably noticed that people will
Follow, Unfollow, Refollow, Unfollow, etc.

…even if you’re following them back or not for whatever reason…

After you unfollow someone 2x, when you go to follow them for time number 3,
a prompt popup should say “This is your 3rd time following this person, you will not be able
to unfollow them for 1 month (or whatever amount of time is deemed appropriate).”

Having said that…
When you unfollow, unlike or un-rebyte (you can do that i think…) – a prompt should come up saying,
“Are you sure you want to _________?”

I have to guess most people are accidentally unliking, unfollowing etc. – but maybe not. Either way, this would cut down on both accidental unfollowing/unliking/unrebyting or intentional, I would imagine

What do people think of these ideas, sorry if they had been previously mentioned, I didn’t see them if so, and maybe we can talk about what reasons anyone would have for unfollowing or unliking, especially more than once? TY


I have definitely unfollowed people by a tapping mistake, and following them immediately after makes me feel really nervous (I still do it tho, I want to follow them)Making sure I can’t do that by mistake is not a bad idea, but I don’t know if it’s worth the clunky feel it would give…


On potential reasons:

  1. They’re being trolls.

  2. They initially followed/liked somebody because they enjoyed their content at first, but after a while, the account they followed was producing content they didn’t find interesting. (I speak from experience on this, sorry to anybody who noticed I unfollowed you, you’re still great :blush:). And they’re also indecisive, so they then refollowed.

  3. They initially followed because they found something common with or had a good interaction with another byte user (possibly even on the forum), but after viewing their content they found they didn’t like it so they unfollowed (again, I’m sorry, but I speak from experience).

Those are my thoughts, anybody else wanna add to them?


There’s a few people I’ve unfollowed by mistake, and I’m afraid to follow them back in the fear they think I’m doing it to get a follow back :neutral_face:


I get it’s possible for people to change their mind… but what person is going to make content that everyone always 100% loves or wants or expects? Nobody hits it out of the park FOR EVERYONE each time, so I find it silly to want to unfollow someone, especially when everything is SO NEW.

I don’t think people should be anxious about it, just don’t think more than 2, 3 max should be needed to decide. Like worst case scenario they have a byte in your feed at some point… just find it weird personally.

I think it’s fine… follow back people you want to follow back and let it be.

A prompt might be clunky but maybe the app needs to be less responsive or harder to unfollow and unlike, maybe a double tap instead of a single tap?

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Bump! (Since I’ve ran into this issue)