Follow Limit Question

How do I follow more people after I reach the follow limit?

You may have to un-follow some; there is a reply somewhere around here about there being a high limit, but im not sure you can go past it


There’s a follow limit?

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Woah, you actually reached the follow limit?


Aw man I wish I could follow everyone thanks for the advice! :sunglasses:

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Yes. 5k

O I C now :hushed:

Woah that’s so high

Your feed must look identical to the Latest section


There’s a limit :joy::joy:

Can they remove the follow limit in future update since they ban unlimited follows in early 2020?

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but it’s to mitigate spam follows

When you see someone has maxed out the their followers, and they aren’t following you…:sob:


I feel your pain.:rofl::rofl:

I wanted to say this but not be told no. :joy:

Realistically, there is no need to remove the limit. I don’t want to make baseless claims, but I do imagine you don’t spend a lot of time in the app keeping up with people you follow if you are following 5 thousand people.

The idea of following someone is because you want to see their stuff when they post it, unlike other creators that you just catch here and there in the categories. If you are following that many people, it’s just like catching them at random.


Well said.