Follow for Followu

Drop your usernames so when the app comes out i can follow you guys back my username will be @lxnria :slight_smile:

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You literally commented on a thread that talks about what you just posted.


Yeah i know but i wanna follow other people too to help one another become big

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Actually follow for follow doesn’t help you grow, it stumps you down.

People who follow you this way won’t actively engage with your content, and I bet the people you would follow just for follow-back would suffer the same fate.


Oh ok then …

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This happens with twitter all the time

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I am Chabe
I was Chabe
I will be Chabe
Follow me @Chabe

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By the way, a very similar post has already been made.

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hey there!

please be sure to use already made topics (like you did) so we don’t have a bunch of duplicates! refer to rafikis comment above for the other topic :blep:

thank you!
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