Follow for Follow // Like for Like // Like for follow crackdown, it needs to stop

Follow for follow needs to stop. We need to get some form of autocheck // moderation to end it. Most of the comments are “Haha nice vid. Follow my account!” and it’s really annoying. It takes away from the community aspect the comment section is for. It fills up with spam, and as of now, comments are basically obsolete unless you like looking at follow for follow comments


While I agree with this there is no way to get rid of it.
This exists on any social media platform and will continue to exist forever.


Agreed. Its always gonna exist no matter the platform.


Theyre already working on it and have already made pretty big improvements, its a pretty big improvement from from how it was just a couple of days ago. Give em a lil time to improve it further.

But, in any case it will likely never go away completely, thats just what being on the internet is like. Just block everyone you see doing it and report any spambots you find.

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We need to popularize blocking this people tbh. Maybe making it a meme like the “Don’t post your tiktoks” one lol

All the rebyte groups and follow for follow techniques don’t mean anything if you push your content onto people who will hate it.


Lol yeah that was actually my suggestion in like the first byte I posted that wasnt just my cat right after the app released, “go to the comments on the popular page, block everyone pulling this shit, make blocking a meme”. The comments section of the popular page was kinda just a free block list those first couple days, i probably blocked over 100 ppl, way more than I do on most apps lol

option 1: The “follow4follow” spammers realize that half the site is gonna have em blocked and theyre probably gonna majorly tank their potential subscribers, so they stop and actually put some effort into their content to get subscribers the real way

option 2: they don’t stop, and because of that they end up being blocked by more and more people so like nobody sees the bullshit anyway

its a win win!! so, lets make the newest meme getting these spammers blocked by half the site