Follow button glitch

Hello Team,

this is the issue I’m facing : if i follow any person and cross check them it still shows that I’m not following!!

FYI, I’ll be attaching screen record as well !

System launcher (1)

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what phone and device are you on

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Android, MI Note 5

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what version of android

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Have you tried pulling the screen/page down to refresh the list?

Edit: Also, your activity doesn’t show what you’ve done on byte, it only shows how others have reacted to your video.
If you want to see if she’s in your “following” list, click on the “3 vertical dots” next to your name in the profile page and you’ll see everything there like stats, followers, followees, and whatnot.

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tried that as well @HotHashBrown no luck

and guys @HotHashBrown @RodinBoi
im facing this issue i tried uploading byte now and it shows like this Prepaing to Upload waited for 2 mins and tried force upload upload Now that didn’t work as well!


I see. I’m using the iOS version, so I’m not really sure.
If it’s acting buggy, you could always delete and reinstall the app. That usually works for me with other apps.

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Lemme give a try.