Folder/Collection Option?

It would be awesome if we had the option to create a folder/collection for the content we liked on the app. For example: A collection of folders for specific genres of content such as: anime edits, singing, comedy, etc. It was kind of a hassle trying to find that one specific vine you wanted to show your friend(s); so I think this is very beneficial for everyone. What do you guys think?


Yes please. Instagram has that “saved” feature where you can do this and it’s great. I use it to categorise my likes all the time.


Same here! It’s really useful!

So almost like Pinterest boards where you can save specific vids into certain categories? That would be interesting


on most of the platforms I use, liking a post achieves the same goal. you like a post, and it’s added to your likes. then you can view the content you like by scrolling through your likes. the “saved” feature isn’t impossible, but I feel that it’s unecessary.

I like it the idea of saving favorite post :+1:_

I would like this especially for trends so if people want to see other vines like that they can see a playlist or page with vines for that trend.

i get what you’re saying, but i think @Alacrity is talking about saving them in specific categories. Like singing in singing, comedy in comedy, etc.

A simple “likes” only form of saving Vines is really inefficient, though. I did my best to only like stuff I thought was interesting but ended up with thousands of likes, making it hard to find a certain one I liked.

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I think this would be a really cool idea! Maybe even make the saving of posts separate from the “likes” almost like we see with Instagram. Also possibly having the opportunity to make them private or public could be really cool

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I mean, it would be interesting to see how this would work

This is a good idea, some how would want it to be unique and different than Instagram’s save posts feature

yo i love this! kinda like pinterest you know

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Yeah, this would be helpful honestly!! If people dont want to make a second account with a certain niche, they can always make a diverse collection of many niches

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Yeah would be awesome to rename collections and add maybe travel video in 1 collection and comedy in the other collection!

that would be nice to have, similar to Saved function on Instagram

PLEASE! I think everyone remembers the struggles of having your ultimate favorite Vine from back in the day and having to scroll through your thousands of likes for over 15 minutes just to find it. I used to wish for this feature so much with the original Vine.

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this was a feature on instagram that i didn’t realise i needed until they came out with it. it is very beneficial, especially seeing the “collections” aspect. i like that you can group certain pictures/videos into different “albums” i guess you could say. this could be used for people that want to group saved edits into one folder and memes in another, you know what i mean?

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Totally agree. Also, there can be an onboarding screen where you get to choose which of these categories interest you. In this way, new users get to see content relevant to their interest from the first second of using the app

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