Focusing on engagement rather than solely followers

i think it would also be interesting if there was a way of showing how active (in terms of engagement; a ratio of some kind) a page/team is. if someone had 100k followers and only averages 10 likes nothing is shown (in order not be demeaning), but if someone had, say, 30 followers and had recently been averaging 40+ likes, a little icon/badge (an eye or exclamation mark or something) could be there indicating “this page is active!” or “this page is booming!”, or “check out this account!” etc.

a category in search could be new “:eyes: accounts” or “:exclamation:accounts” or “hot accounts”
or whatever the icon is, that would show pages that had recently gotten the status.

this way engagement would be more of an incentive than just a follower count


good idea!

putting this into ideas and feature requests. please choose a category next time ;$


@ryze exactly the kind of alternatives I was thinking about in our other thread. I like this kind of thinking!


Being active is one of the things that really matters. It’s a nice idea to have an app that recognizes when an account is active and is currently posting.


This definitely makes the most sense


oops i usually post cryptic things so i forgot

This is a really good idea :ok_hand:


Niiice. I like it. I think the :fire: emoji would be a great icon for this.

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That’s a nice idea :bulb::+1:

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Really like this idea :ok_hand:t2:

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