Fluttr - A (Hopeful) alternative to Vidme/YouTube

Hi. I found a neat upcoming video streaming site that is kinda like an alternative to YT & (Probably) Vidme while I was scrolling down the official Reddit page for Vidme. Currently, they only have two developers at the moment!

Anyways. There’s a beta sign up going on now if you want to join in! https://fluttr.co/

There are three monetization methods available for Fluttr!

  1. Tips/Donations
  2. Members program for creators who want to release exclusive content
  3. (My personal favorite) Ad monetization

So again. They’re accepting beta sign-ups (With a side of the newsletter) available if you wanna join! (Link is up above)


Will totally be joining, sounds really cool

Is it basically going to be like v2?

Wow this looks professional and great! Also signed up for the beta program. Did you know that Amazon is also creating a video sharing Platform after clashing with YouTube in The Last Week of 2017…Apparently they have registered the domain of opentube.com and amazontube.com …No Official news has been released though.

Does videos have a duration limit?

Definitely going to try this now! Couldn’t hurt anything

I’ll give it a go, hopefully it won’t be anything like the new app vero :confounded:

I’ll go for it. Youtube is overflooded with stuff, and Vidme is a bit… altright-y/unfriendly at the moment, so maybe fluttr could be a super neutral place, same thing with what Amazon’s doing.


They have provided previews of the user interface! The homepage & the single video page!

14 votes and 24 comments so far on Reddit

10 votes and 19 comments so far on Reddit


According to this video page preview. It appears that fluttr (The video-sharing site’s name might be subject to change due to a couple of products already called “Fluttr”) will have gems. A native currency similar to twitch’s bits! Remember. 1 gem = 1 cent!

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Sorry for the bump but… I found another Vidme alternative. It’s called, Vanillo!


Unlike YT. This one doesn’t have demonetization or any algorithms. Just videos reviewed by humans, not AI! And a few other things. Such as a clean layout, sub-accounts, partnership, monetization, (Ads & donation) live-streaming, Vanillo originals, (Similar to YT Red’s originals) communities (Like the group system) & more!

CosmicMedia (The developers behind Vanillo & CosmicTV) is going to do a beta program for Vanillo soon. Just sign up for their official newsletter and you’ll be notified (When the time comes) on when and how to get into the beta! (The beta spots are limited tho. So I would be quick if I were you!)