Fixing up one of the categories

I’m an animator and also an animation enthusiast, so I like to see what other people have done animation-wise. As of now, when I go into the animation tab, about half of the stuff that I find in there is animation and half of it isn’t. Part of the half that isn’t really animation is edits. I know that the “Anime” category was created for those edits, but some people are either posting their anime edits in the wrong category (which irritates me) or they’ve made live-action edits, which I understand doesn’t really fit as anime.
Is it possible for the byte team to change the anime category to more of an “edits” category, just to make it easier for people to categorize their edits appropriately?
When I look at the animation category, I have the intent on finding original animations, not edits, and I feel that if we can re-categorize the edits we can separate the two appropriately. It would also make it easier for people who just like edits in general and make it where they don’t have to hop between two categories to find the content they want to see.
This is just an idea, but I’m hoping that it could help with categorizing.


I actually agree with the confusion, but renaming the anime category would trigger the community. I’d say anime category is the most active and one of the popular category titles; however, replacing it with “Edits” wouldn’t resolve the issue but will be too broad and vague.

Also, other categories get spammed with videos that don’t belong. I guess in order to make a correction is to have the viewers flagged video if it doesn’t belong category and suggest a correction.

(Shouldn’t give people options to change since many may abuse the system. Maybe selected creators?)

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we’re adding an edits category today :slight_smile:


Oh perfect! And I’m guessing based on what @Pac stated that the Anime category is going to remain as it’s very active, plus it can cover more than just edits.

And also in addition to what @Pac just said, hopefully there can be an option in the future to flag videos as categorized incorrectly


Thanks for creating the forum I was in fear of “Anime” being renamed and my other solution was to add the “Edits” category – I guess that helps! Thanks, @dom

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can screenies be gone please lol


Quick question what was the point of the screenies category again? I forgot

dunno, think all of it tends to fit better somewhere else


Including some dead category?

Part of me thinks the community should be able to categorize the bytes too. I put my stuff in gaming, but it’s honestly more stop motion, or cgi animation at the moment.

Basically after you like a post you could also have the option to select the category you think it would best fit in.

But then we would probably be right back into the whole rebyttal debacle. :man_shrugging: