First Video Game Console?

playstation was crazy. metal gear solid one graphics blew my mind

Lmao no my parents did :joy:

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now we’re going way way back. I think atari is still making games though

Vic 20 - atari - nes

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Dang i totally forgot about that. Felt like that was overhyped

Nintendo ds looked cool. Cant say I was a big fan of it though.

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ps2 was dope, but the graphics nowadays are crazy

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n64 was where it was at. Never was an xbox fan

I agree with you, evolution has been great.

man pong is a classic to this day

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same here, but my favorite color was red so I pokemon blue fan

gameboy color was dope. Will forever remember pokemon because of that

dang i was lucky to get even one, but yeah playstation was dope. i remember final fantasy 7 the most on that

i never played it. i wasn’t a huge donkey kong fan :tear:

south park ralley, though… vroom vroom

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It definitely was not

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  1. Don’t know when it came out, but I had it in the early and mid 80’s, played Qbert and Pitstop. Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo then N64 after that. Stopped playing games after the N64, for no particular reason.