First split second Of byte getting cut off!

I’ve noticed that both my Byte yesterday and my Byte today had the first word/half word I said in them cut off after uploading. They’re both 16 second bytes and are both actually a hair UNDER 16 seconds so I don’t know why this is happening unfortunately.

Not the end of the world but thought I’d report it!
Is this happening to anyone else?


I know this thread was made back when it was only 6.5 second bytes, but I’m pretty sure it relates to your issue.

You might have to make the video longer than 16 and trim down from there, although I haven’t tested this with 16 second bytes yet


I’ve had the same problem since the beta. Byte shaves off a quarter second from the very beginning and end to blend the audio to create a smooth loop. So a tiny bit of the audio gets lost at the very beginning. I’ve started making sure my speaking audio doesn’t start until at least 1/2 second in, then it’s not cut off after uploading.


To sum things up, just add a frame or two, no audio, to the front of the Byte. That works for me each time :sunglasses:


Yeah Tyler I’ve always have to add a few extra frames to my Bytes and still sometimes it’s not quite enough. My byte from yesterday that starts with “dude, the Michael Jordan Netflix series” I had to re-export and upload because it came out as “-de, the Michael Jordan Netflix series.”

i think it has more to do with the audio than the video. im guessing it has something to do with their compressing process.

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Unless they changed it in the past week or so, you have to add 0.1 second to the beginning and to the end of your video for it to loop properly, or in your case not be cut off.
This works with most videos, which is why the post about looping videos was updated to include the discoveries I made.

It took me two hours to figure this out and I’ve already tested it with several videos, so you can trust it’s legit

I can also provide proof.


Thanks for your help everyone!!

Looks like I’ll just have to account for a few frames at the beginning when editing each of my bytes :cowboy_hat_face: