First Snow

anyone else in the community having their first snow?

i personally love winter, snow and everything inbetween. i snowboard a lot so that may be it, but meh

anyway stay safe out on the roads!


I am obsessed with snow, but have never had a white Christmas. I live in a very dry region… It’s so sad, lol.


go north!


Not yet! It’s been raining all week here (Atlanta, ga) and it hasn’t stopped. Its been cloudy all week, and the temperatures have dropped so low that it feels like it will. The clouds are so pigmented white. I thought it was. I hope it does. It snowed here last year

here in florida we were in the upper 80s yesterday. hopefully by tomorrow were supposed to be down in the upper 60s (maybe). Cant wait until I move up north lol


This is the perfect weather for a light jog

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First Snow here as well! A bunch of buses off-roaded by the school near me and my friends’ Snapchat stories are covered in car crashes lol

Hasn’t even gotten below freezing here yet. Since I’m in the south if a snowflake can stick on the ground they’ll cancel school for the whole county.

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This is my first winter without snow!1!!!11! Used to live in Canada and oh boy did it snow there. for far too long lmao.

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We literally just got snow 3 days ago. I live in Oklahoma


I had a slight flurry. thats it


we’re supposed to get 10cm of snow tonight

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There is no sign of snow here where I live (Switzerland), it’s been sunny and cold. it will get colder in the next couple of but there’s no sign of snow. I just hope it snows around christmas, since I love snowy Christmas :snowflake:

I UNDERSTAND SO WELL. It b so unfair sometimes smh

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Our first snow was about a month ago, but it didn’t stay. Our first real snow was like last week. Just put the snow tires on last week too.

First snow here in NY - I love winter so much just because of the whole christmas-y vibe even though I’m jewish lol

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We’re having our first SAVAGE snow today. Vut not the first snow.

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its not winter yet tho. well if it is… its only the start of it. we’ve got until like jan/february

it hasn’t snowed in england yet (at least not where i’m from, london) but i hope it snows on Christmas day ;( ive never seen a white Christmas

i love snow, but when I have to shovel the driveway, issa struggle sometimes LOL