First impressions are always important

Firstly I want to say that it’s great to be back on byte again making and posting frequent videos.

Now, my main concern in regards to byte would be how the app presents itself to newcomers, now don’t get me wrong, I like byte with the videos that is being posted on a daily basis, and a lot of the content that’s been posted are really engaging and funny. That’s basically the reason why we like byte so much, been given the chance to experience this app with flying colours of creativity from the best creators.

But that’s just OUR viewpoint, in the viewpoints of the newcomers that are using this app for the first time, they see byte completely different to all of us. When the app officially released on Jan 24th the way that the public was introduced to the app, which was upon looking at what videos popped up after signing in, mainly these were videos from the official byte account, that showed one vid of some guy messing with the soda machine, another of some iguana and other vids like that.

Other than the abusive anti-tiktok comments and the whole bot issue that was also pushing this app back, this type of first impressions on newcomers was exactly the reason why nobody thought that byte was going to be as big as they initially hoped, they didn’t experienced byte like we did when we were in the beta stages, where everyone had high hopes of reliving the old days, creating content just for the sake of it and we didn’t have to worry about competitively competing for likes and followers because we had each other to collab with and boost ourselves on the app.

With that being said, if we want byte to become the ultimate powerhouse that we see it as, we need to show newcomers of byte the most liked and popular videos by the best creators this app to offer on their “My Mix” tabs so that they can have the same hype, viewpoint and excitement that we had and also give newcomers multiple options to sign up for a byte account besides google because most people would prefer to sign up using their social media so they could share byte videos onto those platforms and vice versa.

I want to get all the moderators on this and give their viewpoints on this, especially @FaizalDawx to see if we can make a change for the better, give everyone a platform to be themselves and collaborate as a community.


I made a new account about a month or 2 ago because I was also curious about how the experience is for new people.

They now start off with videos from “Spotlight” on “your mix”. (Probably because a video with a lot of likes doesn’t always mean it’s actually good. They might just have a lot of followers.)

The most common thing I see is “How do I use this?” And “What am I supposed to do?”. The app could really use some “in-app education”.


just to clarify, forum moderators arent app moderators, so there isnt really much we can do in terms of in app stuff

i do agree with colin. some small in app education might help out some new comers


As far as in-app education goes Dom has said the next update will include a walkthrough for new users:


I know faiz, but your opinion (along with Dom) matters more than anyone or anything atm :wink::smirk: